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As you have gathered so far, Oxford Minibus Company provides a coach travel service for businesses around the UK and Europe.

However, even though we started from Oxford, through a mix of fruitful business interactions, we have developed a wealth of business insights. In a similar fashion, we encourage fellow entrepreneurs, especially startups to follow a parallel mentality and break barriers of acquiring knowledge.

And, we have a simple reason for the said mentality.


Scaling a Startup

We are firm believers in testing a model before investing in it.

This means that, in terms of business, startups should prove their business model before looking for any form of investment.

Giving our own example, Oxford Minibus Company started off by trying to understand their users, in terms of transportation needs. Here, a decade ago, we saw the potential in growing our digital base, which allowed us to grow exponentially. Even today, we are investing further in mobile apps; both driver centric as well as customer driven.

However, all of this investment came through understanding our margins and what we can achieve. For instance, in an incremental fashion, we invested in:

1) Team Development

2) Employee Training

3) Client Perception

4) Collaboration Opportunities with Local Businesses

As you can see, we performed an inside-out approach to developing our business – first understanding and expanding our abilities and then extending it to where we could grow. We suggest a similar approach to the startups that we come across. Treat them as your ingredients to business growth.

Here is an example of a close connection of ours.


Marketing Voice

Marketing Voice is an SEO agency that has a strong digital presence across 8 UK cities, including Oxford and London.

However, before going public with their services, the founding members did not take a single client for the 1st 6 months and instead worked on ranking their own business on Google. Given that ranking on Google is the main provision of Marketing Voice, it was highly important for the founders to 1st apply the efforts within.

Similarly, when Marketing Voice reached a point of acquiring an office, instead of looking at it as an expense, they treated it as an investment. With this mentality, the 1st monthly paying client they signed through the office was double the value of the monthly rent, instantly helping them to grow further. Again, this comes from the marketability mentality that a marketing agency needs to have itself, before it can preach clients to spend money on marketing.

In addition, because of having their own office space now, they are now able to freely run events. Again, events are a major part of any marketing business, granting the ability to share expertise.

By the way, if you are looking for some office spaces in Oxford, here are a few suggestions. Please keep in mind that we are not affiliated directly with any of these sources and the information presented here is simply for friendly suggestive reasons:


Office Spaces in Oxford

We have tried to include a wide variety of suggestions. Please have a look and choose on the basis of your personal taste:

  1. Regus – Oxford Business Park – The Quorum, 7200 Oxford Business Park, Cowley, North Elham, Oxford OX4 2JZ: Regus gives a professional corporate image. At Regus, chances are, you will find traditional businesses, such as energy, insurance or legal.
  2. Clarendon – Sandford Gate – Sandford Gate, Littlemore, Oxford OX4 6LB: Relatively modern environment for businesses, with most businesses taking up their first office unit.
  3. Parkway Court, John Smith Dr, Oxford OX4 2JY: Surrounded by other new business units. This location has larger units surrounded by individual buildings by businesses who prefer their own build and opt away from serviced offices.
  4. Urbanoid, 1 & 3 Kings Meadow, Osney Mead, Oxford. OX2 0DP: Centrally located to the city centre for those who like to be close to cafes and restaurants for collaborations with external businesses.
  5. Oxford Innospace – 115 Magdalen Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
  6. The Wheelhouse, Angel Court – 81 Saint Clement’s Street, Oxford, United Kingdom
  7. Quarters Collective – Green Street, Oxford, United Kingdom

Alternatively, you also have the option to try coworking spaces. Coworking is fantastic for new startup businesses who aren’t ready for an office space or for freelancers who need a space to work from to be more productive away from home.


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