5 Business Travel Gadgets to Improve Your Future Journey


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We are passing through an era of gadgets.

In short, if you can think of an activity, you will be able to find gadgets within that activity. And, business travel is no different.

However, the needs of business travel are a bit more specific.


The Need to Stay Connected

The thing about business travel is: those moving around the world for business first and foremost need to stay connected.

For instance, travelling entrepreneurs need to stay connected to colleagues and be aware of the latest news at work. In addition, these individuals also need  to stay closely in touch with those at home.

As a result of this need to stay connected, the most essential gadget for those travelling for business has got to be a mobile phone. However, a phone is just the beginning.

Here’s our top 5 list of gadgets which makes a nomadic existence a lot more tolerable and in, some cases, very James Bond(ish)!


1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Headphones, that cancel out background noise, are a dream when travelling.

Travelling for business means spending a lot of time waiting for flights, trains and connections. So, relaxing, listening to music or a podcast is made all the more pleasurable when unable to hear fellow travellers.

Add the fact that you may want to isolate yourself from the noises around you, and headphones become even more important.


2. Universal Power Adaptor

With all the electrical equipment these days, having the power to run them is crucial.

Therefore, a seriously useful piece of kit, for someone who travels around the world at very short notice, is an all in one universal travel adapter with dual USB ports.

This allows a seasoned traveller to charge multiple devices and use the same adapter in literally hundreds of countries across the world. Quite handy.


3. Travel Door Alarm

Travel generally comes with ever changing accommodation requirements.

So, when staying in all sorts of unfamiliar accommodation, a compact and portable door alarm gives peace of mind.

Simply, two tiny blades are squeezed together and pushed between the hotel room door and doorframe and the cable hung on the door handle. If the door should be opened during the night, a loud alarm will sound. Great for warding off any unwelcome callers!


4. Portable Safe

When travelling with expensive equipment, you need some level of added security.

So, a portable safe is a fantastic way to keep safe all the devices those travelling for business will have with them.

Large enough to fit a laptop, the portable safe is essentially a bag to hold valuables securely and is then fastened by a cable around a hotel fixture such as a pipe. It can even be used on the beach secured to a beach chair if those away from home get any leisure time!


5. Virtual Laser Keyboard and Mouse

This one is amazing. When travelling for business, leaving your laptop at home may mean only having a mobile phone to use for emails.

This Bluetooth, battery operated device allows you to project a virtual laser keyboard and mouse on to any flat surface, allowing the seasoned business traveller to stop at a café, set up the device and type away!


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