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Whilst it’s widely acknowledged that the benefits of electric cars are countless, there are challenges in bringing about a full revolution.

Although the UK government has set down a policy to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, there are still issues to overcome.

Equally, the UK has been slower in getting on board and as such, needs to address the situation fairly quickly.

Here are four challenges brought about by the move towards less pollutive vehicles.


1. Fear of Change 

It’s human nature to be fearful and wary of change.

Whilst the advantages of moving away from internal combustion engines are clear, the change will take time.

Although the government is working towards a net-zero carbon emission target for environmental reasons, consumers need to be given a real incentive to invest in electric vehicles.

After all, a car is most probably the biggest single investment anyone will make, after their home! 


2. Education

The positive environmental impact of moving towards electric cars need to be emphasised over and over again.

Whilst it’s clear what the advantages are, people are still uncertain of the practicalities involved. For example, how far you can drive without your battery running down.

However, we’re all slowly becoming more conscious of looking for the eco-friendly option in all areas. For instance, recycling is now much more common-place due to more education.

Furthermore, the younger generation are much more aware of the need for environmental focus.

As such, it’s likely they will be instrumental in making the switch to electric vehicles as they start owning their own. 


3. Fewer Options

Even the ardent supporter of environmentally friendly electric cars would have to admit there’s little choice.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling car in December 2020. And sales of both pure electric and plug-in hybrids were up on the previous year by 185.9% and 91.2% respectively which is all hugely positive.

However, the fact remains that in the total 2020 new-car market, only 6.6% was made up of pure-electric cars and 4.1% plug-in hybrids.

If manufacturers could introduce economies of scale into their operations, electric cars could prove a less expensive option.

However, it’s a catch 22 situation whereby in order to produce more cars, more sales are needed!


4. Battery Charging

Probably the major challenge to be overcome in encouraging a wider use of electric cars is that of battery charging.

For instance, the expense of the necessary technology is a factor.

Equally, the practicalities of people charging their own cars pose problems. For example, where will those without a driveway or parking facilities charge them?

Without more public charging facilities and more ready access to them, fewer people will still choose the electric car route.


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