COVID-19 Customer communication

Customer Communication Guidance COVID-19
Version 1, 31.03.2020 This document will provide OMC Global Customers the company guidance and standpoint on questions & contractual T&Cs regarding Covid-19.

Private Hire Booking & Cancellation queries

Q. If I cancel my booking because of Corona Virus, will I get a refund?
A. Any hirer who makes a cancellation as a result of Coronavirus will still be contractually obliged to pay the cancellation fees in accordance with the T&Cs agreed to at the time of booking. These are as follows:
All cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellation refund is based on the following:
21 days or more notice – 75% of the total cost will be refunded
14 days or more notice – 50% of the total cost will be refunded
7 days or more notice – 25% of the total cost will be refunded
1 – 7 days’ notice before the booking, all monies will be forfeited to the company and the full value of the trip will be due.
Cancellation of an event or holiday or “reason for travel” does not affect the hirers liability and the monies will be due as if the vehicle was travelling.
However, we will allow the following adjustments to assist customer requirements during this time: 1. To avoid forfeiting an amount paid or owed against a booking, you will be given the option to retain the deposit, or any further amount paid, as credit towards the rescheduling of the hire at a later date in 2020. The rescheduled hire will require a new quote & this may affect the price.
2. For hires that are cancelled with 2 or fewer days left to the date of travel, the hirer will still be required to pay the cost of the driver for the hire.
3. For all hires that incur additional costs, the hirer will still be required to pay any of these that are not recoverable by the company when rescheduling the hire, including, but not limited to, Driver costs, driver accommodation costs, ferries & crossings, admission tickets, theatre tickets, catering costs, or other ancillary products purchased by the company for the purpose of this hire.

Q. What if the Government makes the decision to cancel all large group events? (including events such as Music Festivals, Grand National etc)
A. Any closures of public spaces or cancellations of large public events by the Government that result in the hirer cancelling a booking will still incur the cancellation fees as agreed to in the booking T&Cs. As the Government is not putting a stop on transportation in this scenario, the liability would fall with the hirer who can seek compensation with the event holders/ organisers should they wish to.

Q. Is there a reduction in the normal cancellation fee as a result of Covid-19? A. No, normal cancellation fees will apply, as agreed to in the T&Cs.

Q. What happens if OMC Global Limited cancel the booking?
A. The customer will be due a full refund if the booking is cancelled by us.

Q. What if travel into Europe/ border crossings are banned and therefore the booking must be cancelled by us (the company)?
A. The customer will be refunded for the cost of the hire as we have been unable to complete it.

Q. Is cancellation of a booking by the hirer covered by a Force Majeure clause?
A. There is no Force Majeure clause in the Private Hire contract that was agreed to by the customer at the point of booking. In any case, the hirer is choosing to cancel the booking and therefore could not argue a direct causal link between the event (covid-19) and the non- performance.

COVID-19 Customer communication Vehicle & Driver standards and precautions

Q. Are we taking extra precautionary measures regarding the cleaning of our vehicles?
A. We are ensuring our vehicles are fully cleaned with appropriate cleaning products after every hire to ensure every precaution is taken to keep our vehicles properly sanitised. All vehicles go through a rigorous cleaning regime on a daily basis as standard.

Q. Have any individuals or groups travelled on OMC Global Limited vehicles that have subsequently been found to have Covid-19?
A. There have been no cases involving OMC Global vehicles, or customers/employees being affected by the virus. We continue to monitor all our staff and ensure up to date and regular information is shared with them to reduce the risk or impact they are exposed to.

Q. Has the vehicle operated in, or from, any known areas of concern and known outbreaks of coronavirus?
A. Any of our own vehicles that have travelled in to affected areas in the past 14 days will be expected to have an additional deep clean before going out on to another job: following their return from that area.

Q. What checks are we carrying out to ensure the drivers used on any hire are not at risk of or pose a risk of infection?
A. All our drivers (and non-driving staff) are fully briefed in the guidance from Public Health England. We have hand sanitiser available for all staff and issue frequent communications to ensure all necessary precautions are taken and that all staff are up to date with the official published government information and advice.