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Generally, those in the globe-trotting world of business thrive on professional ambition and success.

But, outside business, it’s no surprise to learn that a personal relationship with someone can add a huge sense of balance and stability. The bottomline is: a sense of calm, when business is all-consuming and stressful, and a trusted and confidential ear is invaluable. 

Specifically, a feeling of well being and comfort evolves from having someone to share the stresses of the working world with. Doing so makes it possible to offload worries to someone who genuinely cares.

In addition, so often, at home, with taking a step away from the problem, a resolution can more readily come to mind when needed.


The Positives

So, is the impact of business travel on personal relationships all bad?

On this front, the initial thoughts are probably of a negative nature.

Well, the idea of work pulling you away from your nearest and dearest is not pleasant. However, maybe, it’s not all doom and gloom!

In any relationship, time away from each other gives you the opportunity to reflect and appreciate all that you have. In fact, some couples actively make business travel work for their relationship, only coming together at weekends and holiday time. However, there is an added consideration here.

Under such circumstances, trust is a major factor in maintaining a happy relationship. And, in order to make a relationship work where one of you has to travel extensively professionally, trust has to be the number one ingredient.

Brought about by good communication and balance, if trust is not compromised, a relationship should remain harmonious and happy regardless of how much time is spent away from each other. 


The Negatives

Sadly, there is a downside to travelling away from home on business too.

It’s usually non-negotiable; especially in the case of family occasions or school events; to get away from personal commitments.

Not fulfilling such commitments can lead to relationships being damaged.

If, for example, a birthday or school exam is missed due to work commitments, personal relations can have a detrimental impact.

Similarly, loneliness is a factor of business travel too, leading to potential depression and resentment.

It is important to remember that travelling for business may not always be the glamorous lifestyle it is perceived to be. After all, one hotel room looks much like another. However, if you’re at home looking after the children and your partner is seen to be living it up in Hong Kong in the name of work, you might have difficulty in losing sight of that!

To get around these problems, you need to take the right actions to counter balance your acts and keep things moving forward.


The Compromise

Perhaps, as with all conflicting situations, it’s all about the right tuning of compromise.

Open communication with both bosses at work and partners at home have got to be the order of the day while prioritising wherever possible. Getting a true work life balance is not an easy task for anyone but it has to be worth a try!


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