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The school run often feels more like a race.

A fight to get the kids up and fed and on their way with everything they need for the day.

By the time you’ve locked your front door (once), gone back for whatever you’ve forgotten, and finally got on the road, time is running out; they’re late for school, and you’re most definitely late for work.


If this scenario sounds at all familiar, why not consider an alternative method of transport? 

This is where hiring a private taxi to take your children to and from the school gates may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Private taxis come with lots of advantages. They are safe, reliable, and surprisingly cost-effective, especially if you can carpool with other families in your area! 

With that in mind, we’ve revealed the top three reasons why hiring one for the school run is a good idea…


1. Private Taxis are Safer than Public Transport

Getting the kids to school and on time is essential, but it’s not always easy.

If you are busy, working, or a single parent, you may not always have time in the morning to do the drop-offs. This is especially true if you have a huge brood who are all different ages and go to different schools.  

You could encourage them to walk with friends? Or to take the bus?

But, will you be able to get ready and do your job effectively without knowing whether they arrived safely or not?

A taxi will literally take your children from your door to the school gates (and back again if need be). Many firms even provide an app where you can track the progress of the cab, so you can rest easy knowing they’re safely at school. 

Furthermore, all taxi companies now run enhanced checks on drivers and deliver comprehensive training to guarantee the safety of their passengers.  


2. Private Taxis are More Reliable than Public Transport 

With a private taxi, your children aren’t left waiting in the cold or the rain for twenty minutes (or more) when their bus or train fails to turn up. 

Instead, their taxi will arrive promptly at the same time every morning to help you implement an effective school run routine.

So, you can continue with your day safe in the knowledge that they won’t miss a single minute of teaching!


3. Private Taxis are More Accessible for Children with Disabilities and SEN

If your child is unable to walk to school safely because of a motor deficit and you don’t have a car, or if they need a little extra help getting from A to B, but you’re unable to supervise the school run due to work commitments, your local taxi company can help.

Their vehicles can accommodate wheelchairs and will soon feel like a safe place for them. Over time they’ll recognize the same familiar face behind the wheel every morning and afternoon. 

You may even be entitled to funding from the government to assist you further, so be sure to look into that if you think you might be eligible. 


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